Red tailed hawk vs red shouldered hawk: A Comparison guide

What are the differences between Red Shouldered Hawk and Red-Tailed Hawk? Here’s an overview of all of the information available on the internet! The red-shouldered hawk is the largest of the falcon species in North America. Red-tailed hawks are the smallest of the four species of falcons in North America. Both species are found in the eastern half of the United States and Canada.

Red-tailed Hawk is a larger hawk

red tailed hawk

The Red-tailed hawk is a medium-sized hawk, with an average length of 46 inches and a wingspan of 55 inches: like other members of the Accipitridae family, are characterized by a large, rounded head and a hooked bill that is used for seizing prey, usually from the air. This family is commonly known as the ‘eagles’ because of its distinctive shape. All Accipitridae have powerful legs and short, rounded wings. The legs of the red-tailed hawk are particularly well-developed and muscular. They are built for strong, fast flight, with a long tail and powerful wings to provide them with additional lift. It has red tail feathers, a white head, a white underbelly, a brown back, brownish-grey wings, and a long tail. The female and male hawks do not differ much in appearance. Both have a black face and underbelly, with only a tiny speck of white around the eye. The female has a greyish-brown head, whereas the male’s head is yellow-brown. Both birds are similar in appearance, but the female in general

The red-tailed hawk is also called the American kestrel since it is one of the most common raptors in the United States. Red-tailed hawks are common across North America. These birds are very social, living in pairs or small flocks. They usually nest on high branches, although they also use buildings and cliffs. They often form monogamous pairs and will defend their territory. The male red tail is usually larger than the female. The female is slightly larger than the male, and the plumage is generally more mottled. It is usually about 46 inches (115 cm) in length and has a wingspan of up to 55 inches (140 cm). The average weight is about 5 ounces (150 g), and females weigh an average of 0.7 ounces (20 g) more than males. The average lifespan is 2.5 years, but some individuals may live as long as 8 years. Red-tailed hawks are mainly nocturnal and feed on small animals, reptiles, and insects. The male often catches fish from the surface of rivers and lakes. When hunting, they swoop down from the sky, catching their prey in mid-air. The male also has smaller talons and a higher wing beat.

Facts about red-tailed hawks

red tailed hawk

Here are some basic facts about red-tailed hawks that you should know about if you live in Arizona and enjoy birding. Red-tailed hawks usually lay two eggs a year in the fall, and their eggs hatch during late winter. These hawks prefer living near trees and other tall shrubbery because it’s easier for them to spot prey. They feed on small game like rabbits and birds, but they’ll also take insects and spiders.

Breeding and nesting characteristics

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Some birds lay eggs at the end of winter. Others wait until spring. But all birds must incubate their eggs and raise their young. The best way for a bird to do this is to mate, build a nest, lay the eggs, and then stay with the nest until the chicks hatch and are ready to fly.

Red-tailed Hawks live in small family groups of three to six birds during the summer season. They build their nests on elevated perches. During incubation, Red-tailed Hawks are active throughout the day. During this time, they forage for food and care for the young. The male and female share parental responsibilities equally. On average, the male parent spends 16 percent of his time feeding the chicks and the female spends 17 percent of her time caring for them.

Red-tailed Hawk bird hunting characteristics

A Quick Guide to Red Tailed Hawk vs Red Shoulder Hawk


Red-tailed hawks hunt for rodents such as squirrels, rats, and rabbits. The red-tailed hawk’s hunting style involves flying low over its prey, approaching quickly, and using the wind to get ahead of it. These birds are large and can weigh anywhere between 10-15 pounds. They are excellent bird hunters and can hunt on land and over water. They are also very intelligent. They use their keen eyesight and ears to listen for prey. Once they see prey, they quickly dart toward it and attack it with their sharp talons. Their talons are long and strong, which allows them to carry prey back to their nest. In most of the country, there are three seasons for red-tailed hawk hunting: spring, summer, and fall. There are other species of hawks and owls that hunt during those seasons too, but red-tail hawks are most prevalent during the spring and summer. They tend to fly low over the ground. The adult male will have a white patch under its tail, as well as a black band around its head and a brown-red breast.

Red Shouldered Hawk

A Quick Guide to Red Tailed Hawk vs Red Shoulder Hawk

Principal characteristics

Red Shouldered Hawk (Tetrastes hyperythra) is a small North American bird of prey with red shoulders, black legs and face, and white underparts. The bird’s size ranges from 42 to 59 cm, with males typically being larger than females. Red Shouldered Hawk is mainly found in deciduous and mixed wooded areas and wetlands, often near water bodies. This hawk is considered a generalist species’s a bird of prey that feeds on rabbits, rodents, lizards, and frogs. Its tail is orange. It has two white stripes running down its back. It feeds in groups of three or four birds. The wingspan is about eight feet. Red Shouldered Hawks live in the deserts of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Utah. This species is very rare, and only a handful of records have been documented since 1900. It lives primarily in mountain habitats, nesting on the ground, and feeding on rodents, insects, reptiles, and fruits and berries. It’s also a beautiful bird with a white head, black neck, gray breast, and long, dark-brown tail feathers. It breeds across a range extending from Alaska to central Mexico. It is similar to the Broad-winged Hawk and Ferruginous Hawk. The Red-Shouldered Hawk is found in open woodlands, parks, rural areas, and suburbs, in wooded foothills, and along forested mountain ridges up to 3000 feet (900 meters). When we think of red-shouldered hawks, we think of their impressive size, and the fact that they’re both male and female. But there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye. They’re extremely intelligent birds that are highly skilled hunters. They’re excellent at tracking prey with their sharp eyes, and they hunt even in adverse weather conditions. They’re also very protective of their nests. Their eggs are large and round, and they have a habit of hatching more than one egg per nest. Red Shouldered Hawks are a large raptor species of the family Accipitridae, commonly known as eagles and hawks. Red Shouldered Hawks are medium-sized with a large wingspan and an average body length of around 2.5 feet (80 centimeters) long. Adult males weigh about 18.5-22 pounds (8.3-10 kilograms), while females can weigh up to 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms). Their tail feathers are red, as are the shoulders, rump, breast, and inner wing feathers of adult females.

Red-Tailed Hawk vs Red-Shoulder Hawk: What’s the Difference?

A Quick Guide to Red Tailed Hawk vs Red Shoulder Hawk

The difference between the red-tailed hawk and the red-shoulder hawk is that the red-shoulder hawk has a black streak down its breast and under its wing. The red-tailed hawk lacks both the black streak and the chest band. The red-tailed hawk has a longer tail than the red-shoulder hawk.

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