20 Common Birds of Michigan: An Identification Guide

20 Common Birds of Michigan
You may not know this, but there are a lot of birds in Michigan. If you live here, or if ...
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What is the King Rail bird?

King Rail bird
Watching birds in their natural habitats is an excellent way of getting closer to, connecting with and appreciating nature. You ...
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10 Amazing Purple Birds You Never Knew About

Purple birds
Any sight of purple color occurring in nature should be a cause for celebration since it is not every day ...
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Top magnificent Missouri birds creatures

Missouri birds
Missouri is positioned perfectly amidst the great North American heartland, at a place where both north and south intersect, and ...
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What is the Jian bird? The Myth of the Magnificent Creature

the bird that shares wings
The Jian Bird is one of the oldest legendary creatures in history. It is used as a metaphor and symbol ...
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