Italian Outdoor Gathering Birds Flower Water Fountain

Birds Flower Water Fountain
  • Attract the wildlife that adores your garden with a quality bird bath. These decorative, ceramic vessels are perfect for freshening up feathered friends and introducing some charisma to any outdoor space you have in need of an aesthetic upgrade!
  • A rustic stone water fountain offers a vintage weathered accent to any garden. The antique look of this piece brings peaceful and inviting ambiance with its softly flowing waters. If you're looking for something that will make your outdoor living space feel calm, the soundless pump is sure to please!
  • SHALLOW SHAPE: The shallow fountain assures birds can drink safely, the sound of the water flow is natural and soothing. The built-in submersible pump continuously circulates water, create a quiet, peaceful ambiance., Bring a natural-like feel to any room in the house or workspace
  • The UL-listed pump has a maximum 120 mph flow, so there's no worry about the noise! Add some water for this natural waterfall that will bring an elegant touch to your yard or patio.
  • DURABLE: This innovative fountain is made of durable resin and fiberglass, so you can enjoy its beautiful design in any weather. The perfect size for your yard at 17.4"L x 17.4"W x 25.9"H
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Bird Baths

I’m so glad I got my bird baths! They are more than just a great way to keep the birds coming back for water, and they have many other uses too. It’s not even worth trying to go into detail about how much of an issue it is when you forget or don’t feel like going out in the rain with your watering can again- these things do everything from keeping bees away (yes!) all the way down to saving time on dishes while cooking dinner. Imagine what would happen if we weren’t cleaning up after our pet budgies every day? Just imagine…

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